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Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) 
Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU) is a non-profit voluntary organization that uses hip-hop, creative art and other alternatives ways of learning to promote positive social change and social responsibility among people but with the major focus on young people.
BPU offers free breakdancing, visual arts, rap and beatboxing lessons at the Sharing Youth Centre Nsambya,In Movement art for social change, Gulu Youth Centre, Kitgum Youth Centre, Kimaanya Hall Masaka among other places and encourages people to pass on their skills and take on leadership roles within their communities.

Through breakdance workshops, discussions, documentary film screenings and educational performances across Uganda, Europe and America, BPU has reached a wide range of young people and provides an equal platform for people to build mutually beneficial relationships regardless of background or status.

BPU supports formal and non-formal education opportunities by advocating the importance of education and partnering with organizations to increase members’ access to educational services such as multimedia skills, visual arts training, Voluntary Counseling and Testing, peer mentoring.

Through the sale of BPU t-shirts, the Project also sponsors schools fees for disadvantaged members.

BPU is centred on the belief that everyone can learn and everyone can teach and has the capacity to be a positive role model to others.

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